vission and mission





Deylaman Institute ofHigher Education is determined to have a key role in the production of knowledge in the entire Gilan province and to propound itself as one of the important institutes in the country by expanding its quantitative and qualitative standards. We, in the Deylaman Institute, have  shaped  this institute’s prospect  regarding  its upgrade  to   a well-known college  byemphasizing on meritocracy and  specialty–centering  and using of the public wisdom  to  have the ability  of knowledge production and  the ability of  converting  science  to wealth, introducing capable graduates and managers and worthy engineers to the scientific and executivestructure  of this country



The higher educational Institute of Deylaman is a nonprofit and non-government institute in the fields of Engineering and Human Sciences. This institute acknowledges developing and building capacities in the fields of education and research and technology in the following paths as its final mission:

Institutionalization of Human-Islamic values at the level of this ​​institute

Increment of the education quality in all fields of the institute

Annual increase in the educational capacities in all fields

Increment of the quality and quantity of physical spaces of the institute in accordance with thelatest educational standards

Raising the research power of the institute and active interaction with industry

Attracting elite and experienced teachers to improve science level and increase the education quality of the institute


Hiring the required scientific board members in all the fields of the institute and offering all the required conditions for the improvement of the scientific board members



Offering student welfare services of the highest quality for students


Continuous increment of thesatisfaction level of the students, faculty and staff


Developing the postgraduate education of the institute


 Total management of institution’s funds for the quantitative and qualitative improvement of the institute and upgrading the institute to a college


To be present among the national and international rankings of the institutes and universities


Create new financial resources based on research and converting science to wealth


 Entering new areas of science and technology


Joining theInternational Association ofUniversities(IAU)