Space and teaching staff


The institute's central building is located in Motahari Boulevard in Lahijan, near the beautiful pool of this city.  Most of thetheory classes and administrative offices of this institute are held at the central building named after Dr. Mojtahedi and students use building # 2 to pass the practical courses and laboratories, such as electricity and concrete laboratories, wood workshops, special laboratories for students of agriculture and other courses.

Teaching in this institute is done by a group of professors who are experienced and technical experts.

 Some of the classes, fourateliers,  a computer site  with 70 computers, a number of offices like the Education Office , Student Welfare Fund Office, Secretariat,  Office of Research and the Office of Finance, are situated in the centralbuildingof the institute.

 The Library of the institution, equipped with adequate facilities and archives of the students’ theses, is located on the second floor of the building. It has specialized academic books and research papers in all available majorsof the institute and every year, the number of books and publications are increased. The computer site of the institute is well equipped with high speed internet. In addition, both buildings are equipped with wireless internet on the campus for teachers and students.

Most of the classes, labs and student workshops in the Electrical and Civil Engineering majors and also Plant pathology laboratoryare located in building # 2 in Tarbiat Muallem St. in Lahijan.

The laboratory facilities are adequate and suitable for holding all laboratorycourses of the majors mentioned above.

 In order to student’s welfare, the institutionself-service cafeteria is in building # 2 for food distribution.

There are also facilities like cafeteria and copy and publication center in both buildings.

Residential facilities of the institute include autonomous dorms under the auspices of the institute.

Generally, featuresand facilities of the non-profit and non-governmental institution of Deylaman are optimal and up to standards for the welfare of the students.

 Every year, this institute delivers graduates to the scientific community. The graduates of the non-profit institution of Deylaman, since the establishment of this institute, have had high acceptance statistics in overall and Azad entrance exams (konkur) from associate to undergraduate program and from undergraduate to graduate program. In the year 1390, several graduates were accepted in the Master’s degree program of universities across Tehran.

 Also, one of the students gained the first rank in the Master’s program entrance exam in Tehran University.